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2020. 2. 20. · First of all you will need three things for each eSIM connection from your mobile network provider: SM-DP+ URL. ICCID. Matching ID. Combine this information to a single CSV-file using the following template. SM-DP+ URL for the first line. It. Preguntas frecuentes acerca de cómo traer tu dispositivo móvil con eSIM a Verizon. Si tienes un smartphone con una eSIM integrada, ahora puedes inscribirte con facilidad en el servicio de Verizon directamente desde My Verizon app, sin tener que llamar al servicio al cliente ni visitar una tienda de Verizon para obtener una tarjeta SIM física. An eSIM is an embedded SIM card. It's a replacement for the physical SIM card that currently connects phones to a mobile network, but the eSIM is a lot smaller. The biggest difference between an eSIM and a physical SIM is that, unlike a traditional SIM card, the eSIM is fixed onto the phone's (or other device's) motherboard. Since I need to setup the phone first to get the eSIM IMEI in the Settings app, are these the correct steps: On iPhone 13 Pro, connect via WiFi and do phone transfer (iCloud, apps, etc). The iPhone 13 Pro have no cell connection. Once done, chat with Verizon and give eSIM IMEI from both iPhone XS Max and iPhone 13 Pro. Wait for x minutes.

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